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The Best Reliability - Low Cost - Huge Data

Available in 13 towns of Punjab


Enjoy our public hotspot around the city

Amazing Speeds upto 200Mbps


Download faster & stream faster!

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Bring better to every device.

The new choice for those of you who don't feel you have a lot of choices.

myInternet gives you access to whatever you love with better speed, huge data, and quality bandwidth. So you can enjoy it wherever you go, on any device. We give you the bandwidth you need because your devices shouldn't have to take turns to use your Internet.

Whether you want to connect Internet to your TV, gaming console or regular laptop or personal computer, myInternet is perfect for you which offers open Internet access with burstable* speeds.

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Broadband (Wireless/Fiber)

We need the internet. In the past, you most likely could have done without it. Nowadays it is a necessity. Not only for socialising with people..

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Enterprise (ILL)

The internet is absolutely vital for the world of business nowadays. Some companies do, of course, rely on the internet more than others.

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Wi-Fi HotSpots

Just about every 'public area', from stores, to bars, to restaurants and even hairdressers, seem to have a Wi-Fi HotSpot in place nowadays.

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VoIP Telephony

Intercom & Telephony W e have tie-up with TATA as well as BSNL to provide there Telephone plans to the users through our FTTH network and user..

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We have our own IPTV, OTT & Multiscreen Service. We are the first and only company providing multiscreen service with android box in India.

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we provide higher quality services

and you'll get solutions for everything


We use both wireless and wired technology to ensures quick and easy installation.


We guarantee that our connection will be up when you need it.


If you ever run into an issue, we are no more than a phone call away. We are available 24/7.


Not only are our connections fast but we have a package to suit every budget.

Client Testimonials

I have had fantastic service from My Internet Zone. They are quick to help when you are having issues and their customer service is brilliant. I would highly recommend to anyone!


The service has been very reliable. They provide prompt responses to questions and have solved any service issues that occasionally arise. I will continue to use them.

Sandeep Sharma
Technology to reach Rural India

Technology to reach Rural India

We are committed to serving the rural population. We aim to reach the remotest areas where nobody has ever thought of internet presence. We take rural education as our primary goal thus, enabling our presence every corner of the country without compromising on the network quality. Ours is a state-of-the-art multimedia telecom network using SDH/DWDM-based transmission systems & high-end MPLS-IP routers. Our backbone transport network is configured in multiple 'Self-Healing' Ring architectures which provide for redundancy by automatically redirecting & switching traffic from failed/degraded routes for an uninterrupted service ensuring maximum uptime & service reliability. The network supports multiple ring protection schemes. The network is designed in such a way that full redundancy is available for bandwidth between any two points.

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