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Why do I need a strong Wifi password?
If someone hops on to your Wifi, then there is more at stake than just checking e-mails or streaming videos. This person can intercept all the data flowing in and out of your network. To prevent any unauthorized use, use a sufficiently strong password. A strong password consists of at least six characters (and the more characters, the stronger the password) that are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.). Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase.
Is it important to switch off the modem/Wifi on devices when not in use?
Switch off the modem when not in use as it not only saves electricity, but improves your network security. When the device is off, hackers cannot target them.
A lot of websites and apps keep consuming data, even when you are not using them, thus it is important to turn off the Wifi on your devices when not in use.
Does using multiple devices affect my data consumption?
When multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, HDTVs are latched on to a single Wifi, the data consumption significantly increases. Be aware of the devices connecting to your Wifi and turn off the Wifi on the device when not in use as most apps and a lot of websites keep consuming data, even when you are not using them.
How do I get the connection?
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How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that's right for me?
This will depend on the purpose for which you will be using the broadband connection.
Why should I choose Net+broadband services?
Whether you are an individual user (@home) or a corporate user (@work) Net+ Broadband Services has only the best to offer.Below mentioned features make us Unique:

  • More Speed
  • More Data
  • Less Rates
  • Door Step Services
  • Fault Free Services
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Quick Services
What is Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?
A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth, to the extent that it can impair the experience of others. The intent of our Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum internet experience to all customers.
What happens in Fair Usage Policy?
Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans and needless to mention, the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.
What would happen with the speed of service after I reach the FUP?
On reaching the fair usage level, the plan speed would be optimized to Post FUP speed mentioned (as per your plan), for the rest of the month/ billing cycle as applicable. Please note that the speeds would be upgraded to the normal speeds at the start of the next month /billing cycle as applicable. While the subscriber has always the choice of choosing a right plan basis their individual requirements which is available in our Best Fit Plansection.
Can I opt for a Top-up after I reach my FUP?
We have a choice of Top up plans that are available basis individual requirements.
What is the impact of Fair Usage Policy on data transfer limits?
We assure you that the data transfer limits remain unlimited and there will be no change on the same.
How do I get a copy of my bill /statement?
How do I get to know my data usage?
I want very high data transfer limits. Is this possible with My Internet Zone?
We have plans to suit the needs of all customers.
How do I make my payments to My Internet Zone?

You have following options for payment"

Find Your Local Cable Operator Number

(Pick up from home facility available)

Pay online

Our Stores

Our Cheque Collection Boxes

After payment, would my account get activated instantly?
If the account is not active at the time of payment, it would require a minimum of 4 workings hours to a maximum of 72 Hours for the account to become active, depending upon the mode of payment.
What happens if I shift my premises?
Can I change my plan?
Yes, you can change your Broadband plan at any time.
Can the helpdesk help solve problems with my own computer/ hardware?
No. The helpdesk is there to help you with problems relating specifically to the Broadband service from My Internet Zone and the hardware/software provided by My Internet Zone. If you have purchased a product where hardware was not provided as part of the service, the helpdesk will not be able to assist you with it, and you should contact your hardware supplier.
How will I know when I have cross my data transfer limits?
We will send you an email/SMS when you reach 80% of your plan's data transfer limit and again when you reach 100%. In addition to that, you can check your data usage anytime from View Data Usage